My golf partner plays with ping S55 irons and I hit my gigagolf C9 Ti clubs every bit as good as he hits his Pings all day long. I will most likely buy the 2,3, and 4 irons to replace my hybrid irons. Keep your eye out here or check out ebay or chase some second hand sticks from 3balls or one of the other online websites! If not they may not be for you. I’ve played Gigagolf clubs since and love them. I play to a 6,5 Handicap but I worry more about hitting the ball solid and straight then I do working the ball. Nice clubs; compare to Ping Raptures at far less cost.

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USD to i think.

C9 Ti Face Insert Irons

Sign In Need an account? GigaGolf makes great clubs a I see the name brands on my golfing holidays to Thailand and they stack up and often exceed the brand names. Your the best I’ve found. I bought these irons 6-PW due to my poor iron play. I have gigagolv some hybrids and clubs for my wife from Gigagolf and have been pleased every time.

I’ve played around with it, and I despise the club. In addition to a choice of lofts, you can also get different sole widths and face heights. Anyway, Iggagolf found Gigagolf two years ago and I ordered my irons from them.


The only thing which made me nervous about GigaGolf is that all of their ratings were 5 star ratings sketchy?

C9 Ti Face Insert Irons | Golf Club Review: This picture sho… | Flickr

I received my iron clubs C-9 two weeks ago and tried gifagolf last weekend everything went well except for distance I lost a few yards. Description Specifications 30 Day Play Guarantee Simple understated design conceals core technologies that make the C9 an exciting new introduction.

Several functions may not work. No thanks, I don’t need a new OEM to help my game, I hit fantastic shots with the Gigagolf irons and have no reason to change.

Like all GigaGolf clubs you can use their eFit System to get custom fit and choose shafts and grips from the best names in the golf business. Why is choosing the correct length and lie so important?

Lower trajectory but still a soft landing.

If I do go big brand, I think key word think that I like the Ping G5s but again, this is without hitting them and based only on reviews etc off the internerd. You won’t be disappointed. These are great clubs at a great price.

This is my second season with the C9’s. I know it sounds terrible but I can’t stand their name. Unless you look close you have no idea they are a knock off, and a high quality knock off. Gigagolf is the company you keep doing business with because they are in business to help and serve their customers. I bought the C9 irons a while ago and they took a few rounds to get used to, just like any other set of new clubs, but now they are great.


The most advanced iron design GigaGolf has sold to date. Posted January 2, If so, how did you find them? We need to blow them out, so we are offering a FREE upgrade for a limited time. In a meadow with pine trees Compared to a comparably lofted wood, a hybrid club is: Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

In fact, I found them more difficult to hit consistently. The GigaGolf eFit system uses two, simple measurements to make your clubs fit you. After all how much could club designs have changed in a year of two.

My compliment to your new Excellent Website. I ordered the C9’s before Christmas, but couldn’t try them out until yesterday.